Can someone identify this font?

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Can please someone identify this font? Thank you in advance.

Se7en[(040579)22-04-29].JPG39.54 KB
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I'm moving this thread to TypeID, where you might have more luck with answer.

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Pre-digital Bodoni or Didot?

Here's a nice thread with some digital alternatives:

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I have a slight feeling it's ITC Century, but I am not quite sure.

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It's definitely not ITC Century. Take a close look at the g and the t and a. It's more like Berthold Walbaum Standard than anything else. Storm's Walbaum will give you a more realistic letterpress color, however.

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LTC Bodooni 175 is similar to it.

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Great find, Akira! It even has that single left-serif on the "w".

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Thanks guys, you've been a lot of help!

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