Super Varigraph For Sale

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Super Varigraph machine. Used before computers became prevalent. Most likely considered an antique, this graphic arts lettering panograph is in great working condition. Will sell to individual with best offer. Private Message me if you’re interested.

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Varigraph - is that a machine that allowed one to break the typographic rule #1 and stretch letterforms?
Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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A super varigraph is a jumbo version of the regular-size varigraph.

A Varigraph is a device, named after a company by the same name, which allows letterforms to be traced in an altered style or special effect (such as backslanted, obliqued, italic, expanded, vertically stretched, etc.). The device is placed on a blank page, and a pen, connected to a tracing tool through mechanical linkages, marks the altered letterform outlines on the paper.

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