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Hi, I'm trying to implement sIFR and not having much luck.

Using a combination of this ( tutorial and the index.html example that comes with the files, I have this:

[edit: How do I post code properly?]
[edit: I've uploaded the html here ]

All files are in the same directory, so the paths shouldn't be the problem.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,


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What exactly is the problem? Like is the text not displaying in trade gothic, or is it not showing up at all?

I implemented sIRF recently on this website: You're welcome to cut bits of that code out to see if you can make yours work.

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It just shows up in normal text as if the sifr didn't exist.

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Can you upload the page you're working on somewhere? Not just the code - the actual live page.

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Sure, I've put it up here:
[edit: I've just got this one to work, but now I have a different problem - the original text doesn't disappear!]

I've downloaded your page and changed the swf name (to both the one I created and the tradegothic one that came with it) and it doesn't work.
See here:

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According to FireBug, you're missing the sifr-screen.css file and the sifr-print.css file. These are NOT optional files. They are required in order for your code to work properly. Also, you don't seem to have a sifr-config.js file. Are you using the latest version, etc.?


You're not missing the files! You've misspelled the names. :)

That said, you really should upgrade to the latest version of sIFR, found here (

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