Where can i ge this logo in vector format(*.AI or *.EPS)

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Here is the image attached the logo of National Hockey League. This is standard logo. I am looking for vector format of this logo. I have searched it on brandsoftheworld.com & also google it on net but failed to get it. Can anyone help me for this????

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SIMPLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didnt know that .svg is vector format

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now you does!

Paul Ducco
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You can also use brandsoftheworld.com as a free resource for thousands of corporate logos in vector format.

Working for a non-profit, we'll get a sponsor and their secretary only sends a 72ppi logo lifted from their website only to be tossed into a word document.

No prob. I'll probably find it at Brands of the World.

Good luck!

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I didnt know that .svg is vector format

Well, SVG means Scalable VECTOR Graphics! ;-)

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Oh man, Brands of the World is a godsend. I too work for non-profits and have to do the Great Logo Hunt every so often.

Another trick is to search for the company name along with ".pdf" or ".eps" in the query. You can often find unsecured PDFs with vector logos floating around on the web, often with PMS values intact. If you're lucky, you can find hard-to-find online company PR resources like their logos with the .eps search.

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