Illuminated caps enthusiasts: get to work

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I have a client who requires a designer to create a set of illuminated medieval caps with specific proportions: W=100% H=150%. Typically illuminated caps are square. The letter should be in the top 75% of the rectangle. See? You're already interested. They don't need to be historically accurate or based on anything specific, just thematic and kinda fun. However it's only 26 letters and hey, no kerning or spacing to deal with. Windows TTF, separated into layers for color separation.

Don't expect too much cash (you'll have to negotiate that with the client) but it's non exclusive. In other words, you can keep the font, sell it etc. This is a reliable client which I've worked with before. I just don't have the time to work on this project right now.

Contact me. I'm not the middleman or anything, I'll just pass you along to the client.

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