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Hi everyone,

Long time watcher, first time register/poster here.
I'm currently working on a typeface that I designed for a mens boutique in Brighton, UK.

It started off as a bold variant, but i've carried on as a regular weight.
The actual typeface generation (everything except the characters 'Peggs & son.') were created for a two week uni project.

I'm now working on it in fontlab studio. A lot of the metrics still need to be tweaked as well.

Any criticism, pointers, help etc would be hugely grateful!


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I think it's quite nice.
Some ot the glyphs could probably be improved (I see a kink in the e, the S looks too wide to me) but worth working on.

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I think that you have the potential for a really nice font.
The serifs feel optically too heavy compaired to the other strokes within the forms.
Most of the joints especially where a bowl meets an ascender are too heavy.
The tight radius curve on the ascender of your lowercase letters are a little broken (see Karen Cheng's book Designing Type on "the bone effect" to solve these issues.
My last comment is that the extension stroke on commas, etc. are too long.

Great structure and good luck, I would like to see the finished result.

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Nice work. This looks really promising. I do think you should change UC letters to incorporate that curvy serif transition. Righ now it's just K and L that have it. LC is more consistent with it.

Otherwise UC letters remind too much of some other typography.

The same thing's with LC from v on. No distinction and not really looking like a part of the same family.

But it may just be me.
Robert Koritnik

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Thanks for your thoughts on this!
A lot of the small kinks, and the like occured when I brought all of the glyphs into fontlab. I initially drew it in illustrator, and then brought it in, and as it wasn't drew on a correct grid, nodes got pulled around creating odd thicknesses etc. I'm currently going through it all and trying to tidy it all up.

The overall idea for the face is taken from old typewriter fonts where the bowls of characters sometimes don't connect, so this little feature was taken as a major inspiration for the face. In characters like the v, w etc, I couldn't replicate this feature, so got a bit stuck. I'll see what I can come up with though!

Thankyou everyone for your thoughts! Its always nice to get another pair of eyes on something that I've been looking at for a while.

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What works beautifully for the lowercase ascenders does not look good on the uppercase at all. In contrast to Robert, I think you should remove that element from K and L.

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Some little thing for now. I think your OSF 3, 4 and 5 number should be below the baseline. The top S should have his serif.

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