a study in process - new hebrew letters and ligatures

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this is an ongoing research i am making, of inventing new letters to the hebrew alphabet by using it's structural rules.
i am experimenting with ligatures, different combinations of two letters, and also i brought up old writing systems that are the ancestors of the current hebrew language and alphabet - ancient hebrew letters, rashi letters, aramaic, and more. some of the best solutions to a "new" letter are older.
my main tool is calligraphy, because it allows me to understand the letter's structure and spirit, and because it is the best fluent and quick way to make a letter. ideas are transferred through the hand, directly to the pen.

the new letters have no functional need in real life - the hebrew language is fine with only 22 letters and 5 ending letters. but this research helps me in discovering new artistic ways of manifesting and articulating myself and do my humble contribution in developing the hebrew culture.

you can see a more detailed version here, in my flickr account (LINK).
you need to be a flickr member, in order to see the larger scans.


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Nice I don't know Hebrew but I like it.


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as you said, experimenting -- that's fine; lettering, decorative work -- fine; but ligatures with text font I really doubt this is going to work; same thing with the last sample -- ligatures & cantillation marks.

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incredibly interesting...

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Great stuff - and a lot of potential to make a difference!


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