gagosian poster

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looking for an id on this poster designed by graphic thought facility and peter saville. thanks for the help once again.

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Um… Helvetica bold.

Edit: OK, that was too quick, it actually wasn't *that* easy … the a, k, and w differ.
I am officially hanging my head in shame.

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Could it be Unica?

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Ohh. Very good. Yes, that would explain the "k".
Looks like this could very well be it. Exciting stuff!

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The typeface and the treatment are looking very Helvetica international 60s style. So why they didn't use Helvetica instead of being "that smart". Sick grafic designers, haha.

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So? Swiss/International style was more than Helvetica. And Unica is "very Helvetica looking international 60s style", just without being Helvetica (and without being as overused as that). I think it's great.

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