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To @font-face or not to @font-face...

I am designing a CSS for a site I am building and was going to just designate the type to be serif (Georgia, Times etc). The I thought about using their typeface instead.

The face is Casablanca Antique and it is a Corel font from 1992. I have no idea where I got it from but it appears to be distributed widely for free (I know I did not buy it).

I have not done web in a long time and am not sure of the pros/cons of using @font-face.

Can anyone please advise?


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You can't use the font since it's commercial font that doesn't allow @font-face linking.
Here is a list of fonts available font @font-face linking:

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Thanks Ralf. I will look through the list to see if there's an appropriate substitution.

I guess I will have to use the good old-fashioned image headers.

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Another possible solution is to use the more standard font-family CSS tag in a more creative way. See this article:


This may not help you with this specific issue, since Casablanca Antique will not be on many systems, but it may allow you to cycle through a greater array of viable options.

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Alternately you could locate a genuine freeware font and ask the designer for permission.

Cheers, Si

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Cheers Aa, I actually read that article by chance a few days ago - think it was on 24ways.org. It is good but it's real hard to find a common face for both mac and pc.

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