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excuse me for my fluency problems, i will try to be as articulate as i can:
whenever someone asks for type suggestions (looking for a font solution), people generously offer links to sites with a certain font.
the "problem" as i see it (which is a minor one, but still), is that the thread remains visualy sterile. i think type samples should appear on thread, with links, but not as links to an external site. this would make things easier for a potential client to see the fonts.
so what i was thinking about (and no, i am not a programmer), is a kind of engine, where you can click on a certain font (with a certain weight) from a certain type foundry on a popup box, enter some sample words, and the font will appear on the reply in the thread, so people would be able to see the suggestions clearly. i think that type foundries would love the idea of showing their fonts on typophile.

i hope i wrote it good.

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Hello Yaronimus,

German has such a feature. AFAIK, it works with all the fonts from MyFonts (at least those without restrictions). Via a simple code, you can insert a sample with your own custom text. The sample has a link back to the MyFonts site.
Maybe Ralf can shed more light on this feature and its implementation?

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... it works with all the fonts from MyFonts

I doubt that Stephen would like this to happen ;-)

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Oh, Jan. Not at all. It will only encourage FontShop to offer a similar service. Progress is good for everyone!

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...this would make things easier for a potential client to see the fonts.

Not a good reason.
Designers, not clients, should choose fonts.
But I agree with your sentiment that Typophile should be more visual.

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Hehe. Just joking, Stephen.
Progress is good for everyone! Yes. It is.

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Hmm. I like that idea quite a bit. Not just for Typophile, but also for professional use. A kind of YouTube-style embedding for type samples. Good idea, Y-M.


::looks over at Stewf::

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