Lost Frutiger!

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A friend of mine sent me a message with this request:

A quick question if I may - seeing as you're the font guru and alll.. somehow I've had a font disappear off my pc... It is "FrutigerSCINRmv1Roman" - I think it's an adobe font, which came with my CS3 web premium. Do you know how/where i could get it from again?

My response:

the easiest thing to do would be to check the CS3 disc for it. if that does not work (i can't see it with the CS3 package i have - design premium) maybe check any other software you have installed (like MS Office etc) to see if it came with that.

I'm guessing you didn't keep a backup for your HD or fonts folder?

if all else fails there are a few places you can buy it legally like:
like: http://new.myfonts.com/search/frutiger/fonts/

also i've posted your question on Typophile to see if anyone else has an idea.

does anyone have any other ideas?

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All those extra letters in the middle of the name suggest strongly to me that this is some sort of customized version of Frutiger with a modified name. I would think about whether the company I worked for or some client had initials like "SCINRm" or something.

And in any case, I can promise you it did not come with any version of Adobe's Creative Suite.



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Thanks Thomas, I'll pass that on.

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