Helvetica's not in the Mac dictionary

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Hard to believe, but the Mac OS X 10.4 dictionary (Version 1.0.2) has no entry for helvetica. I couldn't have been the first to notice it, could I?

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How can I say this without sounding pedantic... "Helvetica" is not an English word. Sorry. That's why it isn't in the dictionary. However, if you look up "Helvetia," you will see this:

Now, if you looked up "Helvetica" in an encyclopedia and didn't find it... OK, that might be cause for alarm! :-)

[EDIT] Here are some more words I found, all related to "Helvetia":

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Are there any other trademarked names in the dictionary? I would tend to doubt it....


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> I couldn’t have been the first to notice it

“gullible” isn’t in there either!

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Some years ago I typed "Galliard" in a Word document. The spell checker choked on it and suggested "jailbird." Pretty amusing.


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My favourite unwanted suggestion:

Minuskel is minuscule, of course.
A ‘Minuskerl’ however seems to be some kind of ‘negative bloke’: a rude member of the underclass. Or, rather lowercase?

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>“gullible” isn’t in there either!

Touché! Guess I deserved that. [blushing]

Hey, but wait a minute . . . "any other trademarked names in the dictionary" . . . excel is in there! [grin]

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Minusekel ... negativophobia!?

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