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Please tell me I am the first to post this here. Uh, I knew the Mets needed help, but this is ridiculous. . .


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So is that the work of an intern or did the Mets fall for one of those $99 logo sites?

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Maybe it's the same anonymous person(s) responsible for the new Duane Reade logo.

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I was trying to figure out if it was Arial or a Gill Sans squoosed.

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Uh, guys, check your avatars.
Take the intial of your name, pick a big phat type style, and drop it out of a circle or square.

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oops. quite right, Nick. me too.

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Well. . .uh. . .hmmm. . .I'm too ugly to use my face.

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At least they will only be using it for one year.
And I have something other than a letter in my avatar.

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I wasn’t getting paid by the hour to do my avatar—when I do logos they tend to get about a thousand times more attention than a 60x60 pixel forum avatar does.

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and we can’t all be the looker Nick is.

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You should have seen it before photoshopping :-)

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You should do a new photo now that you have the beard!

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The rotated square or diamond, can be taken as a baseball diamond but, after that, it is just a strikeout looking.


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Good to see I'm not the only one to have a pixilated raster graphic in mine.

As long as there are executives with nephews who learned how to use inDesign, there will be crap like this being printed on uniforms, business materials, signage, etc. Nothing new.

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@Nachos: I would generally agree with your point about executives' nephews and InDesign. In small companies yes, but a major league sports team. This design had to pass through the MLB front office for some kind of approval before it would go on any uniform. They may be the New York Mets, but they are still a franchise of MLB and as such, have to answer to the mother bird.

BTW, I've been wondering about that stupid pixelation myself. I wanted the graphic to be as large as possible but not exceed the limits in terms of file size. I don't work on the web and haven't really worked in print for quite a while. I guess it shows. I believe the term is mea culpa.

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For those of you keeping score at home, as Chris so deftly pointed out, this is what it would look like on the scorecard:

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