Prerevolutionary Russian ads

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This has some interesting old Russian ads, handlettered mostly, for those who are interested:

Doesn't display well in Firefox for some reason, gotta use IE.

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Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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What a wealth of work -- thanks for posting this! It's interesting to see, in some of the ads, decorative and artistic styles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries applied to Cyrillic lettering. And it's not often that one gets to see graphic design or advertising from pre-Soviet Russia.

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Really fun stuff! Thanks, Ivan!


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I wasn't able to see the images in Firefox for some reason, but I can see them in IE. Thanks so much for sharing these!

(edit: I just saw that you included this in your original post. I should read more carefully!)

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Fantastic. I love the spooky one with the soap packets resting on the mountain tops in the moonlight.

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There’s some wonderful stuff in there, and it’s interesting to see that the pre-Revolutionary Russian commercial artists were connected to what was going on in Paris. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will do a book about pre-Revolutionary Russian design!

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Doesn’t display well in Firefox for some reason, gotta use IE.

I got it working in Safari too. It seems the filenames of the images are identifying them as advertising. Once I figured that out, I disabled AdBlockPlus for that page and reloaded it, and now it works on Firefox.

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I think I've seen all of these in a fabulous book "Русский Графический Дизайн" (Russian Graphic Design) by Elena Chernevich, that deals primarily with pre-revolutionary graphic tradition.

Sadly, It hasn't been translated.

For a glimpse, here is an example of a more traditional style from that book.

Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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