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Logo for a small artist management firm located in Colorado. They specialize in managing singer/songwriter musicians.

What do you think? Anything you would change?

Thank you!
- A

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For the fact that it is a small artist firm, I really like the idea of something that almost looks hand drawn. Designtn Took my other idea ...I really like it.

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Well at least your done?


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Does the type have to be below it? I think forcing it underneath is part of what is holding it back.

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Miss Tiffany makes a good point. The type below makes it hold back a bit. The punch of the logo that is. But obviously you stated that the client has already chosen a logo. For future reference however, you might find this article useful:

And for some great inspiration on the use of positive and negative space, you might want to look at this one here:

Overall, your logo looks good and I'm sure it'll fit the needs as it's already met the criteria of your client.

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They've made their pick, but they're flexible. We're working through some branding ideas including color, and its not too late to do something else w/ the placement of type. What would you suggest to strengthen it?

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atw, there are many suggestions that can be offered to strengthen the logo. You can make it tighter and cleaner. If the client, however, has already picked the design then you're good to go.

If you're still working on color variations, it may be possible to bring some boldness or strength to the design. The type definitely would have to be re-arranged. Nothing major, but as Miss Tiffany suggested; make it look less forced. But you'll need to provide other variations for this. Hopefully things are going well with the process though.

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Feel free to post any new variations at your leisure. I'm still getting used to this forum so I'll be back to check on any updates.

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couple variations on type placement/orientation

client digs 4

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Number 4 is the only one that looks like the type belongs with the mark.

- Lex

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These are interesting, if I had to choose one it'd probably be 4 as well. But I don't understand the iconic logo of the design...but if you made it happen, then it's all good.

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great progress! i think it looks good. i like the icon b/c it shows the depth.

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Interestingly enough maybe the last "icon" should be the logo? Sorry. But it looks really nice.
Robert Koritnik

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It does. It evolved nicely and it's actually now circled back to one of the original concepts :)

I would consider getting rid of thinner parts of the curves though. They were needed in a b/w version to show the perspective, but here the same can be done with just the colors. Something like this (thin segment still needs to be thickened to match other curves):

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It's looking nice there man, keep it up. The colors really add pop to it. But as epsilicon said, I would work on the thinner lines.

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I came late to the party on this one. Getting caught up. A couple of thoughts though, assuming the thread isn't dead... First of all, I loved this thread because of Aaron's willingness to listen to advice and go in a completely different direction in order to make things better. The difference between the very first proposal and this "nearly finished" logo is remarkable. Nice work! I would like to second (or third) the advice that you consider using the icon as the logo. The only caution I would throw out is how similar it is to the Wachovia Bank logo (www.wachovia.com). Wachovia has branches in Colorado... don't want to get confused. Good Luck!

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woah ... this thread is STILL going?
hasn't exactly come leaps and bounds in 2 months.

but as mentioned the latest 'icon' is looking pretty good.
I still see cigarettes though ... but there is a brand here called horizons that use those exact colours. and on the colour topic ... it just kinda seems cold and impersonal.

I really like the wood grain concept ... it just feels warm and ... workable.

why not use a thin wedge/hemisphere of wood placed with it's outer trunk pointing up (creating a curved horizon.)

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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