Definition of 'head.yMax'

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(Point 1) Have been running my font through Font Validator and researching, and I cannot in layman's terms find an explanation or definition of 'head.yMax'

(Point 2) Also noticed that Font Validator nearly finds fault with every Font I own that I run through it. What is it with that?

I run free & nasty fonts off the web through Font Validator.
Problems found with the font.

Beautifully designed and reputable commercial fonts through it.
Problems found with the font.

Fonts that come with Apps through it.
Problems found with the font.

Font Validator normally has issues with most of my fonts.
Yet, the Fonts run correctly in real life?

So I think, what chance has a newbie got with Font Design when Font Validator picks out something on every font!...whether it's processes or standards being left out,wrong sizing, contours or nodes not being to its liking, etc?

Please comment on either point.

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Still no ideas or thought?

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The head table. xMax is the topmost extremum found in all glyphs, usually calculated automatically e.g. by FLS5.

As to the more general question: Like every testing tool, FontValidator tests what its programmers told it to test. Regard results as hints -- in the end it is you who decides if this or that is an error or not.

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Interesting point on FontValidator too.

Thanks k.l.

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