Historical Hebrew/Aramaic lettering

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Whe I saw Raphael Freeman's profile picture, I was reminded of a question I've had for some time: Is there a good reference for historical Hebrew lettering—perhaps even the Aramaic alphabet? Is there another engraved inscription as old as the "place of trumpeting" stone from the Temple?

(I know the (Koren) [Yerushalmi] font is based on these forms; I'm wondering where there are good primary sources.)

ETA: I just remembered that Koren is based on the letterforms in the Aleppo Codex; my question has been corrected.

EATA: Also I found the Uzziah Tablet online. Are there other good examples? I'm sort of looking for the equivalent to Trajan's column.

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Start with the great book by Prof. Joseph Naveh -- Early History of The Alphabet, Magnes Press; 1997 -- the Hebrew edition, out of print; 1982 -- English edition.

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There's Ada Yardeni's wonderful book, that has many paleographic boards for historical Hebrew scripts.

In English:

In Hebrew: עדה ירדני, ספר הכתב העברי, הוצאת כרטא

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Section 4.6 of the Schoyen collection?
I've consulted it for Greek and Arabic so far, and it's a great resource.

Hi Meir, how are you? :=) (I'm Claudio, recall?)

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