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I don't normally post my stuff here (as I invariably self criticise way too much to put myself up to be knocked down by others), but recently did a logo concept for a chauffeur business. They wanted something elegant, that was type based. Now I know it's Trajan (yes I know, burn me at the stake), but they probably don't want to stump up for Requiem.

Just interested to know what you guys think, as it's one of only a few logos I've done which really focus on type forms instead of more "in yer face" graphic device based identities.

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just curious here - from whence does that S come?

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The spacing is a bit tight.

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It's just the S glyph from Trajan that ships with CS3. It has been rotated ever so slightly, and obviously modified to blend into the C. I found that without the rotation, once I had shaved the top off it, it seems to be visually leaning over. It's only a few degrees, so hopefully it hasn't changed the character of the remaining glyph.

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I like it! Can't see a problem with the logo myself.


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Jan, do you mean the tracking on the type or the spacing between the main elements?

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I'd also let the S and C connect more smoothly at the bottom. The C seems to end slightly lower than the S.

Also, stump of for Requiem... it only costs $199 for 1 CPU, which gets you the whole family.

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I too would suggest opening up the letterspacing for the company name, this would allow you adjust the kerning for more even-looking letterspacing.

Also, it the lack of alignment between the break in the bottom of the logo (between the two letters) and the center of the ornament below bothers me. Perhaps if you were to remove the center diamond from the ornament the lack of alignment would be less noticable.

Overall though, a good solution for the logo.
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I meant the tracking on the type.

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I'd just make the transitials between the two letters follow the form a bit more naturally. They flat edges seem very abrupt.

Also, the tail of the R seems to be creating some problems in letterspacing. I'd kern accordingly.

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Spacing is all wrong. It goes from very tight to very open. The computer doesn't space things very well on its own.
This not perfect (could spend all day tweaking this) but I think its a bit more like it.

I agree the logo/lig does look centered because of the dot in the line

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Okay, what am I missing . . .?! If the company name is Corporate Chauffeurs, why does the logo have an S in it?

I think that's what Mr. Monkey was asking above also.

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Sorry, meant to say it does NOT look centered because of the dot in the line

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The company name is CS Corporate Chauffeurs, which explains the CS in the top device.

The spacing was too tight, I agree. Thanks... I'm waiting to meet with the client again, but will post the final version once it's been tidied up. Thanks for all of your comments.... hopefully I'll be able to address most if not all.

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I'd suggest repeating CS on the bottom as well, so viewers don't get confused about the reasoning behind the S on the top. The way it is, it looks like "Corporate Chauffeurs" is an explanation of the initials at the top, and that's gonna cause come confusion.

I think "CS Corporate Chauffeurs" would make more sense, but that might not be what the client wants. I'd give it a try, for clarity's sake.

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I like the word logo/ligature. Pretty clever and quite well done. What about rotating it back 1 or 2 degrees? It looks like it's going to keel over. As for the lines at the bottom, another face perhaps..too much of Trajan gives me a bad taste in the mouth. Maybe Gotham or something similar at the bottom? Or maybe a slab serif. Maybe space out those letters more as well..

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Did up some rough comps...see what you think as alternative font choices

Bembo small caps


Avenir(dont have Gotham sorry)

Engravers LT

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Thanks for your continued comments guys... Yehan, thanks for your efforts - I actually like the Avenir idea. It gives the whole thing an air of Art Deco. I'm meeting the client this week, so brace yourselves! I'm sure there are going to be many changes!

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tell us how it goes!

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