Recommendations for setting the font weight?

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I have a couple of font families where each weight (light, regular, semibold, bold, black) has the same family name, but separate menu names with only the italics linked to the romans.

For one of the font families all the fonts have the weight set to Normal or Regular, even for the Bold and Black fonts. For another family the weight is Light for the light fonts and Semibold for the semibold fonts, with the rest set to Normal.

I believe that ATM (Windows) sees a font as bold if the weight is set to Bold or Black, even if the Bold bit isn't set, and I guess that this is the reason to these somewhat confusing weight settings where Black is set to Regular.

What is the recommended way of setting the weight of fonts? And what is the difference between using Regular, Normal and Roman for weight and style?

Rasmus Bruun,

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