Help Please (Illustrator & Indesign & Opentype)

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I have generated my first Opentype(.otf) font and I am currently testing/tweaking the font on various Apps.

My Font runs like a dream on Word 2007, but strangely enough the Font won't appear in 'Preview' mode in Illustrator. In 'Outline' mode it is there in black as if it's in 'Preview' mode, but in 'Preview' mode it appears white(invisible). And I can't recolor the font in 'Preview' mode. The Font appears as WYSIWYG in the Font List Menus.

Also, the Glyph Palette shows the individual Glyphs as being invisible. (I couldn't even be bothered trying to insert a Glyph from the Glyph Palette as it is wrong to be invisible to start with!)

The same is happening in InDesign. (Both CS2)

Any ideas?


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I had that happen to me when I was replacing the tweaked font in the font folder with Illustrator open- and somehow corrupted some cached version of the font. In the end I had to make a backup of the font, erase everything, and then reboot- before regenerating a new version of the font. Then it worked fine.

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Thank Beau...will give it a try.

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If that isn't it, could you perhaps have ended up with a duplicate set of outlines over top of the main set?


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Thanks Thomas.

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