Another logo needs help.

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I have started roughs on a logo for a company called versa-tables. They manufacture computer desks, stands and table for schools, medical facilities and offices. Any help would be great. Let me know if anything works or doesn't. More to come, thanks.versalogos

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It looks like you might need to do more exploritory work for this mark. Try looking at other generic furniture company logo's and see how they tackled this problem. Knoll, Ikea, etc. You might find that putting a table in the logo is extremely literal, especially since the word table already exists. Consider the stucture and versitility of the table and the structure and versitility of the type.

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just thought of this, it mimics one of their flagship products, the dual LCD fusion cart.

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I think you are trying to hard, logo design is about reduction, simplicity, I agree with david_g seek inspiration in the actual product, think of the structure, how it works

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I agree go for something more generic, a nice word mark or something like craig mentioned.

I would also sway away from some of the 3d looking and gradient logos, maybe thats me but I have seen an many identities like that recently, and I think the normal vectors still look the best. Some of the other logos are not very legible either, like the dot matrix thing. I would keep exploring this one.

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Mike, you really need to check out the Knoll logo, it really says alot about their furniture by just using simple san serif typography.

Think about the reasons people are buying office furniture. 1. They don't want it to break. 2. They want the style to last forever. 3. They want it to be comfortable. 4. They want it to be versitile. 5. They want it to be cheap.

Now your logo should problably be able to describe at least 4 out of 5 of those topics or it will be unsuccesful. Good Luck

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Thanks for your responces everyone. I'm having a hard time with this one. I understand what you are saying about the Knoll logo David, but I know my client and he wouldd honestly laugh at me if I presented versatables in helvetica, and wanted some money for it. I think with versatables, style is out of the picture....all that really matters is function and it being a solid product. I'll keep at at and see what happens.

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Maybe if you showed him why the knoll logo works he might understand that a simple solution could be very powerful.

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I don't think David meant to use Helvetica specifically and I'm not sure that you were being literal either, but a point I'd like to make regarding presentation to clients and positioning yourself with clients is this

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Hi mike,

Just look for an easy & memorable shape. You have the T that could be just a leg of the table or even look for a "cool" table surface and yes, keep it simple is the best.

I know it's not an easy task to "sell" your idea to the client, I've just had a case where the logo concept was totally subverted & destroyed. "Put some wings" on those letters they said.

I've remembered Psyops ARMCHAIR font that can be a starting point (they have a flash try that I've used and print screened 2 variations), check some examples I've made. Hope they can be of any help.

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nice work. i like top right with extended "L". Most are very nice so it' shard to pick a favorite.

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I like the right column.

The middle right, the only thing i dont like is the size of tables.

Top or middle right i'd say.

I like the rounded parallelogram versatables in post 3 as well.

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oh cool, I haven't looked at this page in a while, but thank you for the logo ideas they are very nice. I rethought the thing and created this. What do you think...I'm going for a VT type of shape...keep in mind, it will probably be one color, not black.

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I read it as "yr" on top and "y'" on the bottom...

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Mitsubishi? You know what I mean...

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this better?

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picture the bottom of the V, straight and not messed up like that...

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