Identity Crit, please :)

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Need feedback on logo,

i have some asymmetrical options and more symmetrical things happening.I'm not happy with the translation of the flower, it resembles a Clip art flower. The typeface face choice is ms eaves which i'm not happy about. Can somebody help out?


the company does flowers for most occasions with an exception to funerals..( i think)
an excuse for the bright colors perhaps...

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Those on the right are probably to delicate if you need to use them much smaller. Those on the left, the way you've got the type lined up creates point of contention in between the two lines. "girl" reads bigger than "layla" because of color, size, and spacing. The way the y and the i line up is very uncomfortable.

I really like the colors.

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thanks miss tiffany,

i will post up some new sketch's soon, in an desperate effort to address the translation of the flower.

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How about a silhouette of a girl daydreaming rather than the literal representation of the flower.

If you're not happy with the type ... why'd you use it?

they're not sketches. just saying.


"with an exception to funerals..( i think)" ... you should really know the answer to that too.

Look forward to seeing your next steps.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne
Short Film Festival

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the designs on the right

umm ... i feel that if you make the 4 flowers smaller ... then write next to
it layla .... maybe would look better... got me??

but i think if the company does flowers... it must has more floral shape ...

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