bibliography on dictionary design - help!

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I'm trying to find books or publications on dictionary design. I've found only a tiny amount of works on this subject, and only about contemporary redesigns. Can any of you help me on this?
I'm particularly interested on typography of old dictionaries and the organization of information in them... i've tried - with no sucess - to find anything close to this, but nothing on bookshops, nothing on libraries, nothing on the internet...
Thank you for all the help you can "post" here :)

(P.S. sorry for my rough english...)

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You may try to pick the brains at as well.

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A nicely worded email to Paul Luna might result in a few leads. Or it might not.

Cheers, Si

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Thankyou Alessandro! i'm still trying to figure out what TeX is... but thanks anyway, i'll keep investigating the website :)

what i'm trying to find realy is information, as for example: about writers, editors, typographers, type casts, 1st printed dictionary (sorted by country)...etc., or at least tips on where i can find these kind of info...
Since the printing of dictionaries was ordered by the royalty or universities, and under the kings and the church permission, and by specific letters men... i was wondering if anyone knew about studies beeing developed on this subject...

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Hi si!
i don't know Paul Luna, unfortunatly, but i'll find a way! thanks!

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That's kind of you Si, cool :)

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You are welcome, Celeste ; try to read the chapther "The typography of indexes" by Robin Kinross on Unjustified Texts, that could be also a good reference for you somehow.

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Alessandro, thanks, i ordered it last week :)
the only thing i found so far on the internet was this: "Microtypography, Designing the new Collins dictionaries by Mark Thomson" besides that, i have some realy interesting works on dictionaries, but only in what concerns linguistics...

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Luna is indeed your go-to guy for help on this.
Although you might need to wait until he retires!

This door might work though:


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Is this the type of information you are looking for?:

History of Dictionaries

Dictionaries Published Prior to 1501

The First English Dictionary, 1604

"Noah's Ark" (abstract) (The New Yorker, November 6, 2006)

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hhp, i already read Paul's blog, i wish he wrote more often ;P thanks!
Paul would be a nice help, since England has in its lybraries loads of ancient portuguese documents... maybe he knows, at least, were i should start searching!

Ricardo, that's it! I'm trying to do a History of Dictionaries, mainly related to design and typography, published in my country, or by portuguese authors... for now i'm focusing in the time period of XV to XVIII. let's see how it comes out. :)

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