Yves is getting older and better looking every day

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I'm happy to finally be the first to say…

Happy friggin birthday, Yves! (in the future / time zone of Belgium)
I am sorry I could not attach a beautiful, typographic image to wish you all my very best. Maybe tomorrow :)

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>Yves is getting older and better looking every day

The mysterious case of Belgian-man Button? ;-)

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Lucky Mr. 13. I feel lucky to know 'im.

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Happy Birthday, Yves! My favorite rockstar.

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Muchas felicidades, Yves! In other words, much happiness! :-)

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Older and Balder :-)

Happy Birthday, Yves!


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Older, balder, and more condensed?

Happy Birthday!

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Yves, a very happy birthday from me too! Rock on. (:

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Yves!
Yes, you are old, but I'm even older!

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Happy Birthday, Yves!

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Happy Birthday Yves!

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Happy Birthday Yves!


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birthday wishes and a great 2009!

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Happy Birthday, Yves!

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Happy Birthday, Yves.
Yea. Rock on. ;)

Alles, alles Gute.

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Buon Compleanno, Yves !

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Gefeliciteerd Yves! :)

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Yves, Salute grande!!!

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-no le conozco hermano, no obstante le deseo el mejor en su día especial.


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Happy Birthday, Yves. :-)


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Happy Birthday, Yves!

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Happy birthday, Yves!

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Happy birthday, Yves! Here's to many more!

David Thometz

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All the best.

Looks like the man has a favourite shirt.

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happy birthday and all the best yves!

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I said it yesterday and I'll say it again – Happy Birthday Mr. Peters.

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opps, apprently said it twice. Sorry.

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>Looks like the man has a favourite shirt.

The '13' one seems to have better hinting.

Cheers, Si

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Myöhästyneet syntymäpäiväonnittelut!

Happy Birthday, sorry I'm late!

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Feliz aniversário, Yves!


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Happy belated, Yves! Capricorns rule!

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Selamat Ulang Tahun, Yves!

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