Bank statement and invoice design

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Hi All,

I am desperately seeking information about this challenging typographic (partly graphic design) project. I need to redesign ugly looking statements and invoices. Do books or websites/blogs exist covering this field? Who are the big names and experts? Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Lajos,

recently, German publisher Hermann Schmidt Mainz has published a voluminous book about the sometimes boring art of designing forms, compiled by Borries Schwesinger, called Formulare gestalten. Schwesinger has been awarded with several prices for the lovely design.

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Since I've never seen a well designed bank statement that benefits the reader/consumer of the services they are paying the bank for, I'd say no such book exists.

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I don't think you get a "big name" by designing bank statements.

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Design bank bailout forms.

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I'm not sure about invoices and statements specifically but perhaps you could draw some inspiration from a book by Marcia Lausen called "Design for Democracy:Ballot and Election Design". She re-designed much of the messed up ballot forms that in 2000 could have resulted in a Gore presidency.

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designing forms and statements is essencially information design.

Read about that. There are big names who do Iformation design.

Here the functionality is more important than the appearance, but at the same time, if you come up with a functional (easy to follow, intuitive & readable) form or statement that doesn't put people to sleep or have them pulling their hair out, it will, coincidentally, be also be attractive, becuase of its tidy simple functionality.

'least that's what I think.


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