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Hi all,

Looking for some feedback as to how this logo reads to strangers...

Thanks for your help!

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I read the top as M [space] Worboys
the bottom as McWorboys

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That's what I was afraid of with the MC, but didn't like it with M.C. Thanks for your response!

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Strangely enough my first impression was "worm boys". Also the logo itself is conceptually similar to the SimpleBits one:

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Strangely enough my first impression was “worm boys”.

Mine was "war boys".  :-/

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Why the 'M' at all? Worboys seems already pretty unique to me.
Unless there are a dozen Worboys in your area.

I love the color scheme, but I'd like to know what the idea behind the curly brackets is?

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Since "Worboys" is my last name, it is what it is. Which is pronounced "War-Boys", so I guess it's good that you read it that way. But there are definitely no others in my area so I've decided to drop the "M".

The curly bracket was a design element that I've always liked, no real rhyme or reason behind it.

Thanks for everyone's response. Helps out a lot!

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