My first font - a variety of spurred Egyptian

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Go easy on me folks - this is my first typeface.

It's based on a Spurred Egyptian I found in an old book. It's not complete yet - still a few glyphs missing - but I think it's finally getting there.

I've been staring at it so much in the last couple of weeks that I'm loosing my objectivity.

The first PDF shows what I have so far. The other two are examples of the font in use.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Sorry Dan, I thought such typefaces belonged to the yore and nobody bother to create them nowadays.

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What kind of an answer is that?

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I love the ligatures. And hey, steampunk's in, so there may be more uses for this font than people expect.
-Elizabeth C

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I love "Steampunk"! Which reminds me - another project I need to get back to is the brass, glass and leather goggles complete with kaleidoscope flip downs.

Right now though - building a font is a project-and-a-half that keeps me off the streets.


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Bowl of P/R could stand to be bigger.

The A (all variants) seems a little narrow and unbalanced at the apex; I would pull the top-right nodes to the right a bit so that the right stroke has a more consistent slope and weight.

This may be more a matter of taste, but I'm not sure the sports-swash crossbars really go with the style.

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