Good Examples of Arched Serif/Script Type?

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Happy New Year Typophiles,
We are working on a logo where the type will arch in a circle (as opposed to oval). We got it looking nice with a san serif face, but want to present either an italic serif or a script.

My gut says this is a fruitless endeavor but I am wondering if you have seen logos/examples where it has been done successfully?

Thanks in advance.


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ha ha...i guess that says it all.

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I wouldn't (necessarily) put script, something like Bickham for instance, on a curve. But you could probably get away with something like Coquette which is upright. I also wouldn't (necessarily) put an italic on a curve. Same problem. You've already got the angle happening and then you put it on a curve and it starts to look twisted.

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yeah, I was trying to appease a client but I think I have talked them out of it.

there's a reason there's no good examples out there.

thanks, though.

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