Linotype FontExplorerX Pro and Server

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Hi came across this today...! just purchased myself a few licences as it is half price. Note new plug-ins for CS4 including Photoshop
Linotype FontExplorerX Pro

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This is pretty big news and it looks like the good folks at Linotype have done their homework. I'm excited to try out the new Pro application, which offers Growl support, a configurable toolbar and even backup functionality.

I know that some people will not be too thrilled at the EUR 79 license fee but it's half off until Feb. 28. (My only personal concern is whether the new application will disturb my finely tuned installation of FontExplorer X if I decide not to upgrade.)

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No Windows version? I can't find any news about it, does anyone know if it is being upgraded to Pro?

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I have seen the Windows version and there is still a lot of work to do. It is supposed to be released sometime in 2009.

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as noted in the release section...

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OMG - may the server part please work. I have tried and tried and haven't found anything reliable yet. Looking forward to trying out the demo.


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I think the FontExplorer X Server edition will cost a bit considering the large font libraries that it will have resource to, is this right?

also 'sorry' my bad. I did a search and looked for any posts on FontExplorer X pro before posting, sorry about the double post. Merge if you can?

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