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Just released Hannah this week. It is a hand drawn font comprised of three versions that work together as one, producing not variation and contrast between weights but between widths. The ability to mix and match along with some contextual alternates in OpenType allows for many interesting combinations for display.
Hannah is available here.

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Nice Fun Work!


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Lots of fun here. Reminds me of the hand-lettering of the work of Pablo Ferro.

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Exactly my thought, Tiff.

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It also reminds me of the credits from "Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb."


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... also by Ferro.

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Love this face. Just can't wait till I have a chance to use it somewhere.

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Nice to see that you really emphasized the width contrasts.

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Fun fun fun!
Great work.

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nice work Travis. I was checking this out when I got the promo email from YWFT

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I love, love, love this!


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Bought this last night.

Really wonderful work!

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