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I posted a while ago with some pretty ugly stuff. I have decided to start anew.

The cafeteria is in the basement of a museum, it's the cheapest of the three restaurants in the building. The cafeteria walls are dark kelly green. The logo needs to be simple and work well in vinyl... very simple lines.

Does the leaf make sense?

How about a fork and knife? (The illustration is problematic, I am not a great illustrator... any suggestions on how to improve the fork and knife illustration are welcome.)

Do you like the type treatment?

all feedback welcome....


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one more in Perpetua. I like the accent.

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I would have left this with the original thread so we can all see the progression.

The type is unbalanced in the fork version.

I'm not a fan of the accent on your Perpetua version.

Guess it really depends on what the space is like ... got any photos of the courtyard?

The leaf makes sense ... of course it does ... but the nub is weird.

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I am not sure i like the ones with knife and fork. It is sort of already being in the word café (that you can expect a place where you can get something eat). Doesn't really give the Courtyard Café something special and unique, if you ask me. There is no reason to say the same thing twice.) The knife and fork is also the default pictogram, at least in my part of the world :))

So i like the leaf best alwell, but like Ratbaggy said of photo would be interesting.

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Maybe more of a courtyard/plate thing. Just a thought. Or Courtyard/tray depending on the type of service.


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Leila, the boxed designs aren't bad (I don't like the utensils designs for reasons others have mentioned), but the leaf designs feel very uninteresting. The earlier type treatment feels more consistent with the leaf (with the roundness of the forms) but I like the Perpetua because it feels like a decision was made to at least look a bit distinct. Though I work with Perpetua all day as part of my primary job's corporate ID, so I kind of have to like it. Either way, be aware of the forms of the type and the forms of the other visual elements, and how they interact.

The design could use some refinement overall. I guess my impression is that the decisions you made about the design don't feel like strong decisions. They feel more like defaults. I would expect this sign to be identifying that there's a cafe in the courtyard, not announcing the Courtyard Cafe. Does that make sense?

Perhaps try to develop the stem of the leaf and let it flow more organically into the frame? Right now it's just sitting on it and the stem feels too fat to me. Also, the frame feels like a standard 1pt box with rounded corners. Try giving the words a touch more breathing space and experiment with different rule weights or even multiple rules. The box feels safe because it helps the logo to feel more solid, but is it necessary at all? This could free you to try the leaf merging into the bottom of the C in Cafe.

I hope this helps.

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