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Building out this idea that grew out of a love for the lowercase g. No spacing, still working on proportions. Thoughts? Suggestions? In particular, I know there are a lot of squared/octagonal types out there, so any ideas on how to make this more unique/interesting would be helpful. Thanks!

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I wonder what you mean with 'proportions' having a type made out of a hairline stroke.

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I hope I'm not 'killing your darlings' too much when I say I must disagree with you on the lowercase g. I think the lower bowl is set too high. Usually with double-story g's, the top of the lower bowl sits on (or just above / below) the baseline. In my opinion, it doesn't look right the way it is now. A bit like someone who's wearing his pants up under his armpits (Steve Urkel? ;)).

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Jelmar is right about the g. It would make a great alternate to be used selectively, but it's too distracting to be the default. I would also lose the hanging bottom vertical stroke on b and just let the vertical go right into the bowl.

Keep at it!

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Thanks for the input Quincunx & James, you're right about the g now that you put it that way (LOL@Urkel). I made another version, I'll repost soon.


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In the top sample, it doesn't look like Urkel anymore, but it's still off balance.

I think the bottom loop could be enlarged a little bit (if you want to, since this will obviously change your descender length). The top bowl could be right, or slighty too large. You'll have to judge that when you change the bottom loop.

On the bottom 'gg' sample, I think they're both interesting. The first one would probably fit your current design best, although if you include such a 'g', I wouldn't throw away the double-story one (keep them both).

The second one looks more like an upright italic, which is in itself interesting to explore. But you'd have to carry that style through the entire design to make it work (I think). Maybe something for a different version belonging to the same family?

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