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It's my turn to break the news and announce with enormous pleasure that Paul Hunt has joined the Adobe Type Team today. Paul is a recent graduate of the MA Typeface Design program where he designed Grandia and was hired through the Adobe University Recruiting Program. Congratulations Paul, it's great to have you on board!!

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Hooray, that’s excellent news!

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BRAVO, Paul!!!


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Awesome, Paul, I am happy for you.

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Great news! Congrats, Paul!

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If you can find them, if no one else can help... The Type Team!

Congrats Paul!

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Congratulations Paul :^)

j a m e s

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Awesome, I've been sitting on my hands for weeks and weeks now! Yey! Paul is now here in San Jose!

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Wonderful! All the best, Paul.

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Wow! this is a breaking news.
Congratulations, Paul!

Btw, I was thinking that you're still at Dalton Maag.

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At last! The news is out! Congrats again, Paul: you're gonna kick butt!

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Hold the phone!

This is going to come off negative and presumptuous (tho not my intention):

Did they persuade to Thomas to leave to hire Paul? I am saying this not slight Paul not his talent but because my feelings are hurt for Thomas. Adobe lets people go then hires more. Yuk!

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Mike Diaz

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Please, lets not dirty this congratulatory thread. We are sad that Thomas is no longer with Adobe, but this is entirely unrelated and purely coincidental.

(Note that the use of the word "we" meaning all of use here at Typophile.)

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Congrats, Paul!

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I am not trying to dirty anything Tiffany.

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Congrats. :)

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congrats Paul!!!

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Congratulations Paul! You deserve it. Keep up the good work.

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Best wishes, Paul -- congrats!

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Thanks for all the well wishes! I wouldn't have made it this far without typophile. I also am indebted to Rich & the P22 crew, Gerry and the Reading Mafia, Bruno and all the wonderful people at DaMa, and everyone on the Adobe team for all contributing to my education, which I can only see will continue to expand.
And thanks Miguel and Tiff for dinner the past two nights and for driving me around San Jose :D

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Congrats Paul! This is great news.

Now, when are you coming up to SF to hang out with us? ;) You can hop on Cal train and be here in a jiffy.

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Congrats Paul-you landed an awesome job AND awesome weather. Maybe I'll drop by in August...

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Congratulations Paul!

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Did they persuade to Thomas to leave to hire Paul? I am saying this not slight Paul not his talent but because my feelings are hurt for Thomas. Adobe lets people go then hires more.

Mike, Thomas was based at Adobe's Seattle offices for the past few years, and involved in text and font support in InDesign and other products. Paul is being hired in what I presume to be an entry level position in the type group, whereas Thomas was let go from a much higher level position in a different department.

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Congratulations Paul!

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Paul, Congratulations! All good things.

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Hey, this is pretty awesome. Good show, Paul! :^)

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Congrats, Paul! I was pleased to have had a part in this, and my only regret is that we didn't overlap in our tenures.

(Oddly, Adobe's college hire program is independent of everything else, so this is quite unrelated to my departure. The timing is purely coincidental, though I'm sure the conspiracy theorists out there won't believe it.)



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Well done Paul. I'm sure you won't miss the British weather.

Nick Cooke

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congrats paul, all the best!

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What a great way to start the new year, for both Paul & Adobe. Congratulations!

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The weather in London or the weather in Buffalo? :-)


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Thanks John and Thomas for the correction.

Mikey :-)

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Congratulations Paul!

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...quite unrelated to my departure...

The right hand may not know what the left hand is doing, but there is no doubt some higher corporate awareness of hiring and firing, that would consider layoffs of middle-income staff a responsible policy during a recessional period of reduced income, instilling confidence in analysts and shareholders that management is on the ball and keeping pace with industry norms, whereas scooping relatively inexpensive fresh talent from the mills of Academia would warrant priority, even if such programs are cut back. That's not a conspiracy, it's just the way that many corporations work (especially those that are publicly traded and non-unionized), putting performance before people. Small companies may also have to lay off employees when business is down, but owners/management are more likely to take a hit in the wallet before allowing that to happen. However, in lieu of such personal commitment, larger corporations are better at severance packages.

And then there are those corporations whose policy it is to avoid mass layoffs, through other measures such as voluntary time off, job sharing, job shifting and voluntary pay cuts.

Paul, I hope they are hiring you for your abilities in original type design, and not just competency in font production. At any rate, you've been around, paid you dues, so make the most of your time on the gravy train!

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Fantastic news, Paul. We expect great things from you!

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Just now saw the news. Congrats to you Paul. Your hard work is paying off with a fantastic career boost.

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You're a long way from the Winslow Mail redesign with Patria. Welcome to San Jose! I am but 5 minutes from Adobe HQ. South Bay typophiles represent!

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congrats, Paul!!


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Congratulations, Paul. Make the most of it.

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Well done, Paul, and well done, Adobe! Congrats and best wishes.

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Although I am considering hiring Mr Bin Laden for some action against Adobe - for snatching Paul away from us - I am certainly pleased for Paul to be going to a place where people work whom I respect. All the best.

Tiff, Miguel and all - that does not mean you lot are off the hook. ;-)


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So Bin Laden is in San Jose? No wonder they can't find him!

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Sorry Bruno,
The P22 worker release program bounty hunters are still in hot water for letting Paul out of Reading. That's the last time we fall for the, "Im just going to Graduate school" ploy.

Seriously, it was great to have Paul with us during his ascension into the Type big time.

Congrats Paul!

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So, Rich, as they say in Monopoly chance card, "Take a ride on the Reading Railroad" :-)


PS: Winter in San Jose, Winter in Germany, Winter in Buffalo, take your pick--Tough choice, huh? :-)

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P22 isn’t big time?

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Hey Paul; thank you for all your help here on Typophile.
And Congratulations!

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Congratulations, Paul. I'm happy to hear of your success.


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