Illustrator CS4 Font Cache File?

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I have the Adobe Creative Suite (indesign, photoshop, etc) installed. Normally when I only had Illustrator CS2 installed I could find the font adobefnt.lst files very easily, now it's hard to determine what file it is. Before when I tested fonts in different formats (ps, tt, ot) I would close illustrator, uninstall the font files, and before installing the next format, delete the illustrator font list file or files. Now when I do a search I get way more .lst files to choose from. I only see one that is in the Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings folder, so I'm guessing that's the one, but I'm afraid I'm going to delete something important. Thanks for any help.

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Also, the file that's in the Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings folder hasn't been modified since December 10th, the day I installed. There are two files that have been modified today and those are: AdobeFnt11 (located in AppData\Local\Adobe) and AdobeSysFnt09 (located in AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat) so it may be one of those files.

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AdobeFnt11.lst is the cache file. It's safe to delete it.

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Thanks Miguel!

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