Bachelorette Party Invitation

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Hello All -

My wife is having me design the invitation for her sisters bachelorette party. They want it to be classy and fun. They are all real girly girls and my wife loves the shoe concept that I came up with for the card. I am wondering what advice you can give me for a good companion to Brothers Regular. I have the rest of the card done in Brothers Reg also, I think it is too much - - and hard to read at smaller sizes. Whadayathink?


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here is the inside - its crappy and littered with things needing correcting. Just thought I would show it for reference to what would be set in whatever font might work.

high heels 2

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Did i post this in the wrong area? Maybe its just a slow day on typophile. LEt me rephrase my question, I need to find a good typeface to pair with Brothers Regular, I have no idea where to start...I think that brothers might work for the saying at the top of the second page...but the details need to be set in another type...




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Thanks for the comment Joseph -

"I'd be hard pressed to call it
fabulous in the same sense you're using it here..."

In what sense do you think it might work better?

" changing the color of the back.
Knocking out Brothers out of black will work okay, but you could
get better impact with a flood of pink on the back."


There it is with the color change - not so sure about it yet...any ideas on a font that would work well with brothers? I am thinking a sans serif - - I will try a few and post again.


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Hello Shawn

really nice idea!

I like the simplicity of the card and i think Brothers are the right choice.

Anyway if you need a font to make contrary to Brothers and make a connection to "fabulous" i would recommend Stuyvesant and a more round and shophisticated design to the shoe. So you will have two levels. The retro simple lettering of the accompaning text and the "fabulous" lettering of the key words (shoes, Fabulous, Megan Dunning).

I tried something to show the contrast of the fonts and my recommendation for the colour, but i will send my proposal only if you ask me to, because maybe you don't want to get disturbed by "other's designs" and also because the last time i did it there was a negative reaction. So tell me.

Nice idea, anyway. Have a nice day too.


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Christos -

Thanks for the suggestions! And by all means show your idea, I won't be offended in the least bit.

I googled for stuyvesant and found this

I am looking mostly for a san-serif to pair with brothers, but I am excited to see what you did with Stuyvesant (what a name!)



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there you are...

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Hi Shawn,

Great concept . . . Right away I am wanting to know what I need to buy new shoes for! (all women love shoes, don't they?!)

Is this a postcard or a folded invite?

I think the first color scheme works best . . . you could try leaving the cover the full black bleed and on the inside (or back) have the "flood of pink" as Joseph suggested. This color of pink to me, however, reminds me more of a baby announcement rather than a bachelorette party . . .

I like the contrast of Stuyvesant with Brothers -- I don't think the layout works as well anymore; with this new font you may need to experiment with some different ways to present the type.

I am still leaning towards the first cover design you presented, I love the bold stamplike quality of it, it really makes a statement compared to the other designs. Perhaps you could try some sort of decorative swoop or accent on the shoe that would tie in the new Stuyvesant font used on the inside? I don't know if that would work, but it might sparks some ideas for you.

Props on the idea, Shawn, your concept definitely states "classy and fun."

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Hey Sally thanks for the comments -

"Is this a postcard or a folded invite?"

It is going to be a front and back post card, kinkos style...(my soul cringes when I walk in that place, THE MUSIC!!! they play the worst gag me with a stick love ballads of all time)

While I like the contrast of Brothers and Stuyvesant, I think I am going to keep Brothers as the lone decorative type. Here I tried pairing Brothers with Gill Sans on the back of the card.

Any thoughts?


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Hi Shawn -

There might not be enough contrast between Gill Sans and Brothers. Have you tried experimenting with some new ways to layout the type? For me, the spacing and typesetting here is awkward -- the mixing of center and right alignment as you have it here doesn't seem to be working . . .

Here is an example of a composition that might give you some new ideas . . .

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Thank you very much for that suggestion Sally. I really like it. I totally agree with what you are saying about it feeling akward - I need to get some sleep and look at this with fresh eyes (and brain) tommorow!


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Brothers is a great typeface, but I'd be hard pressed to call it
fabulous in the same sense you're using it here...

You could solve the problem by changing the color of the back.
Knocking out Brothers out of black will work okay, but you could
get better impact with a flood of pink on the back.

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