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For what it's worth - a 2 second impression - it looks quite unappetizing. Perhaps it's the size (and it'd look better when scaled down) or the palette, but now it looks more like a shaving cream brand.

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man, could you suggests some specifics

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The gestalt I got at first glance was a raincloud. That's just me though. I do think that improving the strength of the strawberry image would get you going in the right direction.

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I'm thrown by the green leaf shapes. They don't look like the stalk of a strawberry.

I like the cloud shape but I agree with it giving the impression of the seeds being rain. Perhaps a simple oval would be better.

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#4: the green leaves are too heavy compared to the desired/implied light and airy effect of the cloud shape. they look disconnected. and the space where there are no seeds on the berry is distracting...why not just have the seeds all over the strawberry image instead of stopping the pattern around the cloud shape. lastly, and most noticeably to me personally, is the chocolate drip. it does look unappetizing...i think the drip is to there some way you could incorporate the cloud shape with the chocolate so that those 2 elements combine to make the chocolate covering? make sense? this would also help simplify the illustration.

hope this helps!

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Just a few things that jump out:

- The size of the text will be very small when the logo is used at smaller sizes
- Elements of the logo are not very robust, such as the outlines on the leaves, and the seeds, these too won't stand up at smaller sizes.
- Colour-wise fewer is better, so I'd lose the orange colour of the seeds and stick with a fresher green, a punchier red, and a richer brown.
- The execution needs to be more stylised, and more like an actual strawberry. The leaves could be a single shape incorporating a stalk rather than a lot of separate elements, and the fruit should be more heart shaped. Also the chocolate drip should be a lot more inviting, maybe it needs a little highlight to make it look glossy?

Good luck with it!

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