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this is for a small local store. They wanted to update,redraw, their logo (chocolate covered strawberry)

here are some preliminary sketches


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I really like version 2.jpg I would suggest integrating the leaves on top with the rest of the design. Maybe you could use the styling you have on the middle section (the yellow with white interiors) or create the outlines out of dots so it's a little more organic looking. And it seems like you could get away with placing a seed in the type to dot the i so that if the type were used outside of the logo there would be a reference to the overall idea.

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why thank you very much i shall try your suggestions out

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I like your drawing but somehow this feel like a logo for a product not a store.

Like something you would see on a bag of candied strawberries.

But all the designs are very cute .

The text set in maze yellow is too low contrast against white. try a darker color.

Mikey :-)

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