Who's coming to TYPO Berlin 2009?

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So, who's coming to TYPO Berlin (May 21–23)? I saw Nick Shinn will be speaking. Any other Typophiles attending? (If you register TODAY you will probably still get the early booking rate. Yes, I know, it's kind of late to state this now.)

I registered a few days ago, after realizing I can get the student rate :-). I've been there twice before (2004, 2006) and it was always great input. Would be wicked to meet some Typophiles there!

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I’m just hoping that I can find a job and pay my student loans in 2009. I’m pretty sure conferences are out for me next year.

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I'd love too if my job allows for it.

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I want to go, but not decided yet.

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Yeah, it's probably kind of early to ask :). It just struck me today that the early booking is closing. Well the "very early booking" is; they also have somewhat discounted rates through the end of February.

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I'll be there!

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I've been lucky enough to attend each year for the last five years. No that I live in town half of the time, I am sure that I'll be there again, one way or another. I highly recommend the conference.

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Yes, I'm really excited to be speaking at such a big conference, and in Berlin, which I've never visited.
I originally intended to speak about space in a two-dimensional typographic sense, but then discovered the conference is about the third dimension.
I suppose I could address the topic of 3D type, but have decided to tackle something not related to type at all.

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Congrats, Nick! Wish I could afford the trip to see you and all the rest :-(


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Sell some fonts!

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That sounds exciting, Nick! Looking forward.
I was kind of confused too that they appear to understand 'space' in a three-dimensional way. I'm curious to see what everyone will be speaking about.

BTW, about their web site: What in the world is a 'faciliator'? Is that even a word?

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I'll be there too. And I'm looking forward to the "creative" interpretations of the theme. Sometimes it's great fun and pretty absurd ;-)

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I have to admit that I never pay much attention to the conference's theme. I know that the organizers try to really tie the theme into each conference, and they do a great job with every aspect of the organization. But for me, the conference is about the people. I can't remember the themes off the top of my head of the TYPO conferences that I've been to.

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I’ll be there too and I’m looking forward to see some Typophiles.

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Second (consecutive) TypoBerlin for me this year. Enjoyed the first one enormously.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Agree with your analysis of conference themes, Dan. Though "Music" definitely had some meaning 2 years ago with a lot of interesting connections between design and music.

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True that. I did enjoy the music, especially the Wolfraam performance. But the House Industries set was not so different from their 2004 TYPO appearance. I would have been disappointed, but I wasn't because I think that "Suburban Curse" is one of the best songs ever.

Aside from the TYPO Music night, most of my favorite talks had nothing to do with music. But I am a type designer nerd, and I guess I am in the minority of attendees to a more general-themed graphic design conference. Although, I did enjoy the music angle that you and Yves brought into your presentation.

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