FF Meta Serif in Use... In a Cute Way.

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Hello All:

I’m all about the cute stuff man!

And if someone can take a typeface that I think is big rig-industrial (such as Meta Serif) then make it jolly, then, well—that’s blogworthy!

Here is a nifty little book set in FF Meta Serif... and it doesn’t it look trés lovely?!

You can see more here: http://printpattern.blogspot.com/2008/12/book-make-by-cath-kidston.html

And purchase it here: http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/p-12531-cath-kidston-cath-kidston-make-book...

Mikey :-)


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Didn’t think about a coloured FF Meta Serif, but it works. Thanks for sharing, Mike.

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Yes, looks good that way – bold, large, colored. But the use on the cover doesn't work for me, which is not the problem of Meta Serif of course. Thanks for sharing!

Didn’t think about a coloured FF Meta Serif
Hmm, why that? I think M. Serif is strong and neutral enough for a lot of different treatments. First i had to think of the (agreeable) use of Walbaum in children books, hehe … nobody will follow this comparison :)

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Hmm, why that?
Okay, maybe not colored in that way with more than one color. But I like it and it demonstrates that FF Meta Serif is a real work horse. My favorite one at present. [I even use it for Apple Mail …]

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Will the person on the other side receive the email formatted in Meta Serif?

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Unfortunately, no. It's just like an HTML page — the receiver must have the font installed as well. I suspect that Ivo just prefers to read his own mail in Meta Serif.

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Only if they have Meta Serif installed on their computer (and maybe setup in their mail client). Otherwise not.

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Cross post :(

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For a sec I thought there was some new nifty font embedding technology I had not heard of..... :-)

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Unfortunately there isn’t such a technology yet. It’s like Stephen said, I just prefer to read my own mail in Meta Serif … at present [such things can change every day].

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