To Buy Or Not To Buy

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I've got $20 left in the bank without a single job prospect on the horizon, and I really want to buy Pelso for $19. What should I do?

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Don’t buy it.

You need gas to go look for a job brother man!

BTW... I’m an expert at being in your situation... or better said our situation!

Mikey :-)

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Ah, yes, gas. Indeed a fine point, which I will definitely take into consideration, as I lose myself in the Pelso waterfall.

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If you set up your design business as an LLC you can convert it to a bank and get eight billion dollars by promising to lend people money to buy shitty cars.

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You spend $19 on the font and then $1 on the McDonald's Dollar Menu for dinner.

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I brought this question up elsewhere and...

"You'd spend the last of your money on a single-weight caps-only font? Not the most versatile use of your money."

I knew this point would come up, which is a fair and completely logical one. But, yes, I would, when the single-weight/caps-only font looks like Pelso. Now, if it were a cent over $20...

Fontlove is obviously subjective, so this isn't so much about the worth of a particular font, but rather, degrees of sacrifice when it comes to one's passions.

Also, regarding my survival, did I mention, I could stand to lose a few pounds, so food comes second to exercising my typography muscle.

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The other question is, do you have an immediate use for this font? Can it earn you the money back tout suite?

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When you are down to your last $20 and your prospects are so dim as to be nonexistent, you might need a psychological boost more than anything. Buy the font and donate the remaining dollar to charity.


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Chris, you crack me up!

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@ Patricia

Define "use." (I kid.) For some it's porn, while I get off on playing with type, and, because I'm broke (and extremely shy), I do this while the world goes on without me, so my immediate use would basically be for the sheer joy of my two eyeballs, as well as the keeping of my sanity.

@ ChrisL

Finally, the answer I was waiting for!

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I second dez.

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Light, crisp, clean, like a good bar of soap.

Thanks for the help.
All the best in '09

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Congratulations. :-)

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sick, sad and congratulations!!!!

Mikey :-)

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It would just itch you into frustration if you didn't buy that font. I know how it feels to be severely addicted to type, especially if you don't have the money (there are a lot of books I would like to have, and it's killing me, as some might run out of copies soon...)
Congratulations! May you find a job (or just a project) to help keep you up. Happy New Year!

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cool! good luck

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Wonderfull :-) Happy & prosperous new year!

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A very long time ago, when personal despair and financial ruin were looming large, I spent my last 800 guilders on a fountain pen (a Sheaffer Connaisseur). And I have to say — my life turned around! (Not sure the pen was a factor…)

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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So... Could you give that last 1$ to a charity for undereducated typography students?

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Am I the only one who thought the friends / fiends pun (slash typo?) was really funny?

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Give to the poor, you will feel better!

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I thought Fiends was what was intended? Just like the old expression "dope fiend" to indicate someone addicted to narcotics.


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U're not the only one :)

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> ...when personal despair and financial ruin were looming large, I spent my last 800 guilders on a fountain pen

800?? I hope that pen is made of gold and set with diamonds. O_O

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