Looking for a Latin equivalent to a square geometric Hebrew face

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Hello people,
to those whom i am not acquainted or to those who are not acquainted to me, i am a designer from Israel, and a perpetual student, although i have finished my 4 years of visual communications studies.

i am looking for a Latin (that is English) font, that looks like a hebrew-language font called "blender", designed by the talented Michal Sahar from Israel.

type sample attached:

I'm looking for something that is similar, and may be modern, funky, cool (which in this context means interesting sans serif which is very similar and geometric).

thanks very much, and marry christmas.

**(further fonts and works of Michal Sahar, or "Hagilda" type foundry, can be found here:)

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If you can live without lowercase: FF Oxide.
Otherwise: Purista.

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Thanks Stephen, but i think that i am looking for something more sharp than rounded.
it belongs to a concept which basically deals with getting from one place to another, a very sharp and geometric path.

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Ok, my suggestions are based on your numerals which are very similar to the fonts I offered. Maybe what you're seeking is in this collection of square fonts.

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here is the larger explanation, from an email i have sent to Dan Reinolds:

lately i have been studying an extra course, (having finished my design college studies in MINSHAR college in israel) of package design. i designed and presented a packaging and book covers for something that in hebrew called "K'fitzat Haderech". this might be femiliar to you from the book Dune by frank herbert. it's a term originaly taken from the jewish misticism, and also appears on other religions folklore as well (like in islam, maybe when muhammad has transferred from medina or mecca to jerusalem).


the "kfitzat haderech" i designed, is a packaging related to an imagined art event taking place once or twice a year, in which there is an exhibition that takes place in several different galleries across tel aviv. one can "jump" from one gallery to another on a thematic route - for instance - an exhibition regarding a theme called "my body my self" which belongs to a group of different israeli artists from the 70's, using their body as canvas. the spectator can start in a specific gallery, and then go on to another gallery which shows a main artist, then the route splits to his pupils (his students affected by him), and so on and so on. the path may be chronologic, may be thematic.

when dotting the map in search for galleries in tel aviv, i immediately noticed the option of routing or "wiring" one dot to another, creating an imaginary "web of art" across the city, in which art lovers could hang around. it resembles diagrams of wiring of the internet or any social arragement. the wirings create compositions.

in these links, you can see the work yet unpublished - three designed and self-bound (japanese binding) books printed on canvas with cloth handles (to carry the catalogue across town), a hardback canvas packaging, and a poster.
here are the images:

work process:

presentation and packaging:

and the poster, showing the "kfitzat haderech" logo typograhy made from stitched cotton threads, plus a main vector wiring composition:

the poster advertises the "my body my self" 70's artists exhibition, and i did a hommage to a 70's artist called Yocheved Vinefeld who stitched threads over her own images:


(more pics here: www.most.gov.il/%D7%99%D7%97%D7%99%D7%93%D7%95%D7%AA/%D7%9E%D7%99%D7%A0%...)

so, you see, i need some font which is very interesting in typography but (or and) also is very geometric, so i can sow it with threads and use it as a font too.

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a detail of the stitched thread letters:

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Foundry Gridnik comes to mind, although it's more angular than your hebrew font. Maybe someone else, like Stephen, can point out some alternatives.

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Another square one that might work for you is Agency.

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maybe something with diagonal corners would be more suitable..
i would be glad if it's more geometric than the original hebrew one.

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What about House United?

- Lex

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> maybe something with diagonal corners would be more suitable..
i would be glad if it’s more geometric than the original hebrew one.

Gridnik has diagonal corners. It's also very geometrical, hence the name Gridnik. ;)

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My suggestion is Tremble from Identikal. it is angular, has a variety of weights, and its numerals are rather similar to those in your samples.

- Mike Yanega

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thank you all,
i will adequately respond soon.

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FIG Script might be an interesting option.

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Why not create a set of matching Latin letterforms?

I and others have done this. The type design family which you present is a fairly simple design that would suit Latinization with no major difficulties.

You should be able to do this yourself, or I could do it. Zeh lo dvar gadol.

I assume that you have the original digital files, and not just print-outs or screen-shots? You will need written permission from Michael Shachar or whoever is the copyright holder.

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> suit Latinization

Except Latinization is generally an anti-objective!


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