Value of old U&lc zines?

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Any real collectible value in decent shape older copies of U&lc, from the late 1970's and early 1980's? Ebay turned up almost nothing. Thanks! Sorry if this has been asked before, this site's quirky search field restrictions wouldn't yield any results for me.

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Probably the wrong time of year to be expecting to find information about kind of item on ebay. Plus they don't sell for much so sellers are probably holding back because of the current economy. At any rate, I sold off my entire collection, one at a time, on eBay. What are they worth? whatever anyone is willing to pay.


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I've seen some issues from the 80's and 90's to sell for anywhere between $10-50 this past month on eBay. There are a couple of copies out there:


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The print run for U&lc, especially in its middle years, was quite large, so copies got around quite a bit. And it's surprising how many readers kept their copies; the number of collections of crumbling newsprint in designers' attics and basements is much greater than you might expect. So for the most part they're not rare. Interesting and worthwhile, yes; scarce and therefore commanding high prices, probably not, except perhaps for particular issues. If you have copies from the first several years, when Herb Lubalin was art director, those might be the rarest.


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I remember at an ATypI fundraiser auction in Boston in 1999, Dave Farey, the auctioneer, withdrew an almost complete set of U&LC from bidding because the price was dropping below what he considered it to be worth. This pretty well sums up U&LC, I believe: people who value it already own it, and you can't give it away to people to who don't value it.

[Edited for correction.]

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I figure that's a good thing. While it may mean that our carefully hoarded collections aren't worth big bucks, it also means that old issues of U&lc are easily accessible to younger designers and typographers who weren't getting it when it came out. It's still a mine of inspiration, and occasionally information.


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I have a pile of them gathering dust in the studio, and plan to donate them to the TDC Library. I haven't looked at them in years.

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I really, really, really wish Typophile wouldn't re-order posts when they are edited. Surely it is possible to retain the original time stamp?

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Damn. There goes my retirement strategy.

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