am i freaking out?

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or are the 2 panels for "Newest" and "Handpicked" broken?
i refreshed the page like million time and theyre just... not there! haha

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Same for me, they just don't load at all.

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Looks as if the folks at Punchcut are making some modifications to the Typophile web application.

Tip: run an identical copy of the web application on a test server and when changes are made to it they can be tested on the test server copy where users won't see the process and arn't affected by it. That way they don't have to freak out when they see the half-functional interface they are seeing now. Complete the modifications on the test server first and get everything working before transferring the updated web application to the live web server.

If I have guessed wrong about this, would the folks at Punchcut kindly provide an explanation for what is happening please?

Users will appreciate being informed on a need to know basis. One senior Typophiler recently described Punchcut's ongoing reluctance to explain things to users as "infuriating". So if you guys read that comment I posted in Caren Litherland's flickr stream rest assured "infuriating" did not originate with me but came from a U.S Typophiler who enjoys a very good reputation in this community.

I'm not the only user who is critical of Punchcut's management of Typophile. Just the most vocal one.

j a m e s

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really? didnt know all that. haha thanks for the update
i just wanna see whats "NEW" and "HANDPICKED" hahaha

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Try to change your password. That hasn't been working either.


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Making changes and testing on a copy of the website on another server or different dir on the same server sounds quite logical to me. Doint it on the live website has always seemed weird to me, but has been like that since I joined Typophile. ;)

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As I predicted, Punchcut has nothing to say about this either. Guys, you should know that messing around with the web app like this and giving users the silent treatment endears you to nobody.

Well at least they are predictable, if infuriating. A definition of Typophile for the uninitiated:

An infuriating but predictable guerrilla marketing vehicle for FontShop, Font Bureau, Veer and Villa.

j a m e s

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Try to change your password. That hasn’t been working either.

I didn't know that. That really blows man.

j a m e s

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You seem to forget that Typophile is still run by humans, and that it is holiday season.

Well, of course there’s room for improvement. There always is.
But maintaining Typophile isn’t exactly an enterprise that you could refer to as milking the cash cow. You’re pretty demanding. I’m not saying ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ – participate, and help making this an even better place. But, please, make sure your criticism is rather constructive than slanderous.
Btw, Punchcut asks for feedback at the bottom of each page.

James said:
An infuriating but predictable guerrilla marketing vehicle for FontShop, Font Bureau, Veer and Villa.

If that really is what you feel, I wonder why you spend so much time here.
The Wiki has a more accurate description of what Typophile is about.


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Gerald said:
Try to change your password.

I just tried, works fine for me.

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I've been planning to make a wee bit of a comeback to these boards as I always enjoyed the creativity around here. (Don't mind me — I was never and still am not someone you'd know). However, I can't say I've missed some of the attitudes people have on creative boards, with mr. Arboghast the latest entitlement complex case I've come across.

James — if I may call you that — Punchcut runs typophile as a favor to it's users. The moment you start paying a monthly fee (I see no mention of this anywhere) is the moment you get to feel entitled. Until then, try and relax. Life is too short for this kind of attitude.

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FontShop, Veer, etc. sponsor Typophile in exchange for their ads, so it is disingenuous to call it a "guerilla marketing vehicle".

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