Vintage Script ID

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Hey guys,

Anyone know what this is off hand? Any help appreciated.


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This isn't a match, but it reminds me of Fenway Park JF from JAW Fonts.

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Spoleto. More info and alternatives here.

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Thanks for the quick feedback, guys! It seems to be Spoleto or Opti Sport Script, but of which seem to elude the internet...

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Hmmm. I'm liking that Spoleto. But where in the world is it available??

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It was part of the Expresiv Ornate Font collection sold by Tiger Direct in the mid-1990's. NovelFonts was the foundry that made the collection, but as I noted in the thread Stephen linked, I don't think they are available any more. Mike F's note about Aktuelle from QBF was right, but it seems you can't puchase it from the site. I do have Opti Sport Script and Spoleto, if you want to see samples Mike.

- Mike Yanega

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