(x) Sid Lee Site Font / chunky sans w/ wood-type feel, similar to Leviathan - custom by BaseLab {Akira}

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Trying to ID this fantastic font. Can be seen at www.sidlee.com

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close but not quite...look at the 'R' 'A' 'M' and 'E'.

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Same genre, but there are obvious differences, like the J,R and M.

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Right click in the middle of the site, select page view source, spot and click on the link to the css (styles.css) file where the Fonts are explicitly listed at the top ;) I remember its called something like Sid Lee Extra Bold :p

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or even better, for straight access to the actual FONT FILES, just go to http://sidlee.com/fonts
you can find the directory path by looking at the font details in the styles.css ^^
enjoy! ;)

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