Font for Wedding Certificate?

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I know there have been a few posts about type for wedding materials, such as invitations, but I'm looking for suggestions for type for a wedding certificate.

Some examples are here (these are just examples for the purpose of this post):

There's a couple of constraints: script is to be avoided, and sans type is preferred (although serif is ok). Relatively low cost or free type is a plus.

Note that the certificates usually include multiple types, usually one for the body and another for the names or initial lettering.

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This is a very broad request so far. What characteristics do you want your certificate to have? classical? modern? formal? casual? American? European? feminine? masculine?

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Well, definitely formal. Modern as well, although classical stylistic elements aren't all bad.

I'm looking to create a clean, sort of minimalist design that is formal without being too stiff or aloof, if that makes any sense.

Ideally, the text itself would form the focus of the design, which places a premium on the type.

Not too bold--more restrained or modest, although that could vary a bit.

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In some of the previous wedding posts, I've liked some of the suggestions involving art deco and other types in the style of that era, but a lot of them are too "stylized" for a certificate, if that makes any sense.

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