Font suggestions for a contemporary Italian food brand?

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I'm looking to see if anyone has any Font suggestions for a contemporary Italian food brand? The olive garden treatment has been so overdone!

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I second that.

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I'm curious why "a typeface inspired by Italian art deco poster lettering of the thirties" would be considered appropriate for a "contemporary Italian food brand"? Although the font was designed (or at least made available) in 2001, I don't see anything particularly contemporary about it.
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It could work quite well for a new brand because even though its roots are in the '30s it feels clean and modern to most eyes, especially the One style, and yet still has that Italian provenance and flavor.

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You could always employ a Custom solution, eschewing fonts entirely.

fontwise, maybe something like Randy's Olduvai might work?

also, contemporary italian food brand covers quite a bit of territory. Maybe we can help you zero in if you tell us more about:

manufacturer or retailer?
type of products
actual name of the brand

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Why would a contemporary brand or a contemporary design need a contemporary typeface?

Couple of other options which have a modern sparse italian feel (to me).


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Here is a beautiful contemporary Italian food brand.

STILL loving the new Myfonts look.

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Not many food brands aren't contemporary.
But a good Scotch and some nice Cheddar...

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St. Nickolas... is that what you are bringing to my house for me : ?


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But a good Scotch and some nice Cheddar...

That's not very Italian. Perhaps amaretto and some mozzarella?

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A design one of my friends did about a year ago.

Very nice menu by the way. Getting all hungry.

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or Amarone and Reggiano?

Not on mark, but… Operina.

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You might want to consider our Giacomo 2.0

Here is a comp Scott & Nix did using Giacomo 2.0...

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LOL :=)

Rick, could you explain "contemporary"?
It's not essential for a suitable typeface for this to be "Italian", it's the overall design treatment which defines the mood.

Besides, there's nothing specifically "Italian" in Aviano or Estilo. And Mostra is conveying more of a generic European atmosphere, with the added "coldness" of a "digital-generation" design (that's what I guess Stephen saw as "contemporary"). Giacomo is beautiful but looks more British-flavored than "Italian".

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No, there isn't anything specifically Italian about Aviano Sans or Estilo but I can see both of them being used for a contemporary Italian food brand as part of an “overall design treatment”. Naturally it is a subjective suggestion.


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