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FF Strada is a beautiful typeface, but what's the deal with that licensing? Offering italics and caps separately? I'd love some suggestions for other similar designs.

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Offering italics and caps separately?

As long as you choose the OpenType version, the small caps are not separate. For the PostScript format: there was/is no other way, as there are not enough slots.

For the Italic: It looks like you can license all upright weights in one bundle, and all italic weights in another. Of course, you can always assort your desired styles as single fonts. So, is it a Regular/Italic/Bold/Bold Italic core package that you are missing?

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I overlooked those caps in the OT bundle. Thanks Florian. Yeah, I'm missing the core package, but I guess it's not all that bad when caps are present.

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Hi Frode:

I hate when roman and italic are separated. That weird packaging looks like its the preference of the designer, Albert Pinggera.

The only alternative I can think of—if you don’t mind the (long) wait—is Kris Sowersby’s Serrano available for licensing in 2013:

Mike Diaz :-)

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You could also try Dalton Maag’s excellent and free Aller Sans:

It has a similar softy appearance.

Also look at:

Mikey :-)

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Packaging is often based on the release date of various styles and weights. Perhaps FF Strada's roman fonts were published as a package before the italic weights were complete.

Florian is right about the caps in the OT version. One of the disadvantages of OpenType is that it can be difficult for customers to find (and for vendors to show) everything that's included. We've done our best at FontShop to list all the features and display all the associated glyphs in OT fonts. Here's FF Strada Italic.

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From a customer perspective, separating italics and uprights is frustrating. Actually, not offering a core bundle (reg, it, bold, bold it) at all seems wierd to me. Wouldn't that just generate more sales?

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