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I like it too but partly because I'm not sure exactly what it is. The shapes in that semi circle look like blades from old agricultural tools. And is the shape actually a C?

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Jousting at windmills?

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okay, I'll bite. What makes this particularly amazing?

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I was wondering the same thing... other than service industries logos usually suuuccckkkk.

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The shapes in that semi circle look like blades from old agricultural tools.

i'm guessing it's the various utensils in the negative space ...

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Looks like a windmill (the logo)

What makes this particularly amazing?

It turns Hrant's crank, or something like that, I imagine.

j a m e s

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It is a mechanical daisy, being plucked by a hopeful lover: (he/she loves me. he/she loves me not. He/she loves me. he she loves me not...)


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My initial guess was that it was the logo for a company that provides maintenance for ceiling fans, but it turns out to be a holding company for a variety of firms largely in the food services business.

I like the design of the logo, perhaps because it vaguely reminds of the logo I designed for my own company (reFlourish Studios):

         When going from A to Z,
         I often end up At Oz

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Clearly a Pietersen reverse sweep for 6 seen from above, I’m surprised it has any currency in US.

Welcome to the dark side of sport


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Silverware service. The colors are not working for this crowd's background. ;)


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I didn't see the negative shapes until they were pointed out. (Thank, Brian.)

And, just as bad, I don't get your joke, David: "The colors are not working for this crowd's background.;)" I see your wink, so I assume you're being light-hearted, but I have no idea what you mean. It's sad I'm so out of it. Sigh.

Anyway, I liked the logo even before I became aware of the negative shapes — when it was just a swirling design of pleasing abstract shapes and colors.

Thanks for posting it, Hrant, even if not everyone finds the logo appealing, but when did everyone ever agree about anything on this site? Smile.
         When going from A to Z,
         I often end up At Oz.

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According to an employee, the logo was designed by Hornell Anderson of Seattle.

I asked what it was meant to evoke. The employee pointed out the knife-shape at the top right on the wheel shape, and the spoon shape in the negative space at the bottom. The rest of course is interpolation to get from the knife in the positive to the spoon in the negative space. The company services the fast food / casual dining industry.

I'm guessing Hrant likes it for it's notan.

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Peter: i'm guessing it's his love affair with Mrs. Eaves! Here's hoping they use it for body text.

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