Typeface trends in Magazine design

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I see lots and lots of geometric sans faces in magazines and advertisements around the world. Gotham and all it's relatives like Avenir Next and Neutraface 2 seem to be quite popular among designers.

And very often I see serif faces like Freight, Chronicle, and Farnham used with them.

And new slab serifs seem to pop up here and there all the time.

I imagine seeing a typeface trend. Am I wrong or right?

But even more I am wondering what will be the next big thing in typeface design. What kind of typefaces and combinations will we see in magazines in the future?

I really look forward on hearing your thoughts on this.

Thank you,

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You are right about the slab trend. But it's hard to say what the next trend will be. It will be whatever is new and interesting to designers and art directors.

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